Mercenary Work

Ok - if you're here reading this you are probably wondering what "Mercenary work" is??? Sounds like a hired gun? Yes - that is exactly what it is - but for Electricians. 57 Electric hires itself out as a 'hired gun' to other Electrical Contractors that it has a relationship with. Employment is costly, and often it makes more sense to take on labor from Labor Service Providers or Labor Pools. This comes with a roll of the dice, because the local labor pools are full of guys who are just not very good electricians, if you can even call them that. They often require so much supervision that you're often better of just trudging through and doing it yourself. (That is if they can even find the job in the first place.) Or worse your find out post de facto that the work they provided was so sub-standard that it puts you at risk of personal or property damage liability.

Many years ago Mark Heller (Owner of 57 Electric) worked for a number of SF Electrical Contractors grouped together to share labor, and even share projects. When they needed labor they called on some of their non-competing peers - borrowed a guy for a day or two. Sometimes 3-4 guys for a few weeks or more. Occasionally dividing scope with other companies at rates equivalent of wholesale, or cost of burden. While there are many legalities involved with employing people directly, there are far fewer involved with vendor to vendor relationships.

So if you are an ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR - and interested in a competitive alternative to CLP or other Labor Pools, and looking for work you can trust - use the contact information below. (Note: This service and rates only available to licensed C-10 contractors.)

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