What is 57 Electric?

This is one of those website pages where typically one would drone on writing in the 3rd person narrative with some of what many call the "Myths and Legends" of company "Branding" and "Vision". Let's be honest, I'm an Electrician. While there can be a 'philosophy' about the approach to that, much of it will fall on deaf ears due to the very technical nature of my work. But If you are interested in getting to know a little about me (Mark Heller - owner of 57 Electric), and the approach I take to doing business, and the work I do - you can read below.

More Info About 57 Electric

Mark Heller, Owner of 57 Electric, has been an Electrician for over 20 years now. As well as, his 15 + years of very well rounded Commercial and Residential experience throughout the Bay Area. A State Certified General Journeyman Electrician. Originally trained by the United States Marine Corps, as an Electrical Equipment Repair Specialist, where he picked up the electrical trade. In the recent past, he was politically active on issues that involve the Electrical Trade on a grass-roots level, specifically the mandatory requirements for certification of all Electrical Workers. Currently advocating for simplified approaches to Federally mandated EPA Lead Paint Renovation compliance - to be handled by the State instead. Additionally, he is also a member of a number of professional trade forums.

Even More Info About 57 Electric

OK - many people ask - "What's the '57' stand for?" Well - how much time do you really have? Technically it means - nothing.

'Why?' - 57 Electric is formerly known as Mark Heller Electric, and something a little more 'catchy' was needed. Try pounding markhellerelectric.com into your browser, you get the picture... Or remembering "Mark Heller Electric" for more than a few moments - maybe while driving... By the time you get home it might be Bob Smith you remember. So that covers the 'why'.

Where did 57 come from? That's a more interesting question. Mark Heller had this number follow him around in a bunch of different scenarios in life - mostly by coincidence and a few by choice. Variants of the number have showed up as all kinds of things. And throughout a storied career as a bike messenger in Boston, San Francisco, and short stints in NYC and DC - Marks radio call numbers were variants of 57, like '1157', '357' a few times. And was/is colloquially known by some persons in the biking circles as just "Five - Seven".

Additionally, during training as an Electrical Equipment Repair Specialist in the Marine Corps he had to sign his soldering work for grading with the number - you guessed it - "57". And - also known as 'e57' on a few trade forums.

Much later, he had an idea of sub-contracting late night service work to other Electrical Contractors who didn't want to answer the phone, never mind get out of bed other than their operating hours. You know, between the hours of 5PM and 7AM. What would one call a business like that?

Really - What's in a name anyway? One thing it does is catch the eye and ear. There you have it, that's the legend.