Welcome To Our Website!

If you're new to this site, or maybe even found the company name in intriguing enough to look it up, there is relatively little to explore from here. There's really not much to see... This is a place for some rather boring contact, and qualification information. And there are some consumer education items that some may or may not find interesting, and some technical information that some "Geeks of the Trade" may find fascinating. That said, it is a little better than the "This website is still under construction" message one gets if going to other sites for Electrical Contractors. Please feel free to take a look around...

What 57 Electric does?

57 Electric is a California Licensed Electrical Contractor serving the San Francisco Bay Area - Below is a short list of the type of work we do.

  • Commercial and Residential Electrical Construction, and Remodeling
  • Electrical Labor & Sub-Contracting Services ("Mercenary work")
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Controls & Integration
  • AV, Telephone & Data Cabling Solutions